Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body is made up of a majority number of Foundation Governors, appointed by the Trustees of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, Parents, Staff, LA and Co-opted Governors. The Governing Body has chosen to manage its business via a number of committees. The Full Governing Body meets three times a year (once per term). In between these meetings committees meet to consider issues in greater detail. Each committee has terms of reference setting out what functions it can fulfill and what it must report back and make recommendations on to the Governing Body.

Our core committees are:

    Leadership, Management and Staffing
    Spirituality, Curriculum and Community
    Sixth Form

In addition, we have a number of ad-hoc committees which meet as required, these include:

    Staff structure
    Pay and related matters

If you have any concerns which you wish Governors to consider you should initially raise these with the College. You can contact the clerk to Governors using the email clerk@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk or the Chair of Governors using the email chair@cardinalgriffin.staffs.sch.uk

Further information about our Governing Body, its makeup and the individuals who serve on it can be found here