Being a Catholic School

Religious education is, then, the core subject in a Catholic School.
(Bishops' Conference of England and Wales Statement on Religious Education in Catholic Schools.)

The RE Department provides a valuable and stimulating experience for all pupils and gives them a sense of enjoyment and achievement in their learning. We use a variety of resources including DVD and ICT, and give pupils the opportunity to work with other learners in group activities.

"Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School is a very good catholic School. It has a very strong Catholic ethos, which is evident throughout the school." - Section 48 Inspection report, January 2009.

"Teachers establish a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to good learning. Pupils enjoy RE lessons." - Section 48 Inspection report, January 2009.

What do our pupils say about being part of a Catholic School?
"There's lots of opportunities for people to live out their faith"
"It's more civilised because we are a Catholic School"
"School does loads to help others and to help you follow your faith"
"There's more of a sense of community"

What do our pupils say about RE lessons?
"We always do something different in lessons.."
"We are taught right from wrong"
"I can learn about my faith"

The Chapel is at the heart of the school. It is open every day and the Blessed Sacrament is reserved here. We celebrate Masses and liturgies, and hold prayer groups in the Chapel. Pupils and staff are encouraged to spend time with Jesus by using the Chapel for personal prayer.